The Jimbo-wl

Congrats to both Jims on making it to the 14th MFL championship game!

For Daluga, this is his first trip to the big game. Coming off of a 3rd place finish in 2015, his previous high mark, Jim D. led his division with a 9-5 record and the #3 seed in the playoffs. He knocked off Frank in a round one playoff match (158-101) and has his sights set on Paswa in this week’s championship game.

Jim Paswa joined the MFL in 2006 and very quickly won himself the league in 2007.  Since that time he hasn’t won the league, though he has been a “bridesmaid” a couple of times (2008, 2009). It’s been harder times for Paswa in his more recent history, something he will likely blame on his family…the easy excuse. At any rate, all of that is in the rear view now as Paswa looks to match his Cubs baseball team stride for stride and win the league this year.

Good luck to you both this week!